Wow! Want! Bad!

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I adore my 2005 Ford GT – and I’m extremely blessed to be able to own it.

The 2016/17 Ford GT is an absolute stunning leap to the future.

I’d love to own one.

2017 Ford GT

Big Picture

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Thinking about the bigger picture today. You know, life beyond your own, what do you leave behind, how will people remember you, legacy-type stuff. You know…

Machines Imitate Life (sometimes)

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$60K Too Much? = ICON CJ3B

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$83K?! Really?! Uh, no.

ICON’s CJ3B – with it’s mammoth 4 cylinder Chevy crate engine and questionable build quality/engineering, it appears you’d be better off (way better off) buying a new (or used) Jeep Rubicon and banking the other $60K. JMO, of course 😛

I am constantly amazed by the courage of some people..

Case in point, Dave Sykes:

I guess some folks haven’t been paying attention to the lackluster (politically correct way of saying epic-failure-to-date) of performance of Tesla Motors as they gobbled up shares of the all-electric car makers IPO on Tuesday.

Love the idea, but the execution/management thus far has been soft and the infrastructure changes required to make this technology mainstream are enormous.   Next real opportunity to see these on the street en masse:  Chevy Volt.

Telling quote from this story: PayPal founder Elon Musk’s seven-year old auto company lost $55.7 million last year and $260.7 million since its inception. The company has performed so poorly from a financial standpoint that Musk recently said he lost his entire personal fortune on Tesla.

Enough said.


(Fast fwd to 2014 and it looks like my prediction was a total fail.  Tesla is winning)

Tesla: Greatness Unrealized

Bye Bye Enzo

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Not much keeping up with TT Gallardo’s lately – even the mighty Ferrari Enzo.  PWND