Wow! Want! Bad!

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I adore my 2005 Ford GT – and I’m extremely blessed to be able to own it.

The 2016/17 Ford GT is an absolute stunning leap to the future.

I’d love to own one.

2017 Ford GT

Big Picture

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Thinking about the bigger picture today. You know, life beyond your own, what do you leave behind, how will people remember you, legacy-type stuff. You know…

Machines Imitate Life (sometimes)

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$60K Too Much? = ICON CJ3B

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$83K?! Really?! Uh, no.

ICON’s CJ3B – with it’s mammoth 4 cylinder Chevy crate engine and questionable build quality/engineering, it appears you’d be better off (way better off) buying a new (or used) Jeep Rubicon and banking the other $60K. JMO, of course 😛

I am constantly amazed by the courage of some people..

Case in point, Dave Sykes:

I guess some folks haven’t been paying attention to the lackluster (politically correct way of saying epic-failure-to-date) of performance of Tesla Motors as they gobbled up shares of the all-electric car makers IPO on Tuesday.

Love the idea, but the execution/management thus far has been soft and the infrastructure changes required to make this technology mainstream are enormous.   Next real opportunity to see these on the street en masse:  Chevy Volt.

Telling quote from this story: PayPal founder Elon Musk’s seven-year old auto company lost $55.7 million last year and $260.7 million since its inception. The company has performed so poorly from a financial standpoint that Musk recently said he lost his entire personal fortune on Tesla.

Enough said.


(Fast fwd to 2014 and it looks like my prediction was a total fail.  Tesla is winning)

Tesla: Greatness Unrealized

Bye Bye Enzo

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Not much keeping up with TT Gallardo’s lately – even the mighty Ferrari Enzo.  PWND

250 ft lbs of torque and a looker to boot.  Sign me up.

It Began Early…

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Twins are God’s way of getting back at parents who likely said “Two kids at once would be fun” or “Twins wouldn’t be so bad”, or some other (retrospectively ridiculous) sentiment.

I don’t always like my twin brother, but I will always love him.

God bless my mom for not nuking one or both of us.


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Thinking about my wife today. We’ve had a tough couple of weeks.   I love you T