Ford GT

2016 Update.  With the arrival of the McLaren, I figured it was a good excuse to add some more (completely unnecessary) power to the Ford.. You know, to keep it the alpha-dog in the garage.  So, off she went to Detroit for some 10K mile maintenance, some fancy Ohlin’s shocks courtesy of Ahlman Engineering, and a big phat 4.0 Whipple+ tuned to about 20psi.  End result of the power upgrades – 785whp.  Woo hoo all over again!



I nearly bought a new 2006 Ford GT in 2007, but I really didn’t have the space (or money). Fast forward 5 years and I was able to find the right car at the right price. I absolutely love this car – Exotic looks and performance, great heritage, and is less ostentatious than some other exotics. This one had the bumper-delete done, as well as a Heffner pulley/tune that provides about 720bhp. Woo Hoo!

Here’s a Vimeo video of Maddy’s Day:  A ride-a-wish event for a very special young lady/family.

It was my honor to be asked to participate with my Ford GT.

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