I’ve been wanting a convertible for a long time, but could never quite decide on a make/model.  As we now have a 2 year old at home, the search scope changed from two seat cars to four seat cars as I want him to enjoy the sunshine too.

I was looking at BMW 650’s and M6’s.  Lovely cars both, but couldn’t get super excited out them.

I was at a stoplight one day and a black Maserati GranTurismo Sport coupe came storming by.  The exhaust note was pure magic and I knew I’d found my next car.

A few weeks later, this beauty blessed my doorstep – a new 2012 Maserati Granturismo Convertible Sport in Grigio Touring (light silver).  4.7 liter Ferrari built V8 putting out 444bhp.  Sounds better than everything!

Delivery please!



Next to the Z06 – cousins of a sort.







Next to my friends Underground Racing modified Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera (that’s a mouthful, eh?)


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