In 2006, I leased a BMW X5 4.4i instead of the more powerful 4.8is model.  Since that time, I basically kicked myself in the ass every day for not stepping up and just buying the 4.8.  Don’t get me wrong, the 4.4i is a great SUV and I’m lucky to drive it – but….

So, fast forward to 2009.  I’ve been waiting since February for the production of the all new BMW X5M – with a ridiculous 555bhp from a twin turbo 4.4 engine.  The waiting is almost over.. a mirror image of this white beast should be in the driveway in a few short weeks.

Bottom line:  Life is short – drive what you want 🙂


The new whip arrived September 28th!

In a word, amazing.  In more words, the BMW X5M is the best balance of utility, performance, luxury, safety, and electronic comfort that I’ve personally witnessed.  I’m a huge fan.

Faster than any other SUV, as comfortable as a Range Rover, and possessing the best stereo/NAV setup I’ve seen, the X5M is starting off on the right foot.

I’ve put about 800 miles on her, trying to stay under the break-in RPM limit of 5,000 but it’s hard to do.  This baby wants to run.

Here are a few pics of the beautiful Alpine white beast @ delivery:


Saw this on YT.. The BMW X5M simply rocks.  Love the silverstone color.


More pics of my (dirty) white X5M – the majority are courtesy of photographer Alex Bellus.

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